Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Today's first track is called "Salt" by Bad Suns in the Caleb L'Etoile remix. With some great vocal and a classic house vibe, this track is instalike! The U.S. based producer is giving away this awesome mix via Facebook (link below). Check it out:

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Next up is a remix with a real happy theme. It's mr. Happy himself aka Pharrell feat. Justin Timberlake with "Brand New" in the Slinger Remix. Slinger has made this track more clubby, yet still true to the original. Check it out below and grab your free download via Facebook:

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Finally, here is one last remix. This one is a remix of Capital Cities "One Minute More" by Ashton Love. The EDMness of this track works very well and it's nice to hear a remix that's not "Safe And Sound". Like the two tracks above, this one is also available for free via Facebook:

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