This Is My Kind Of Day

Today's first track is called "This Is My Kind Of Day" by Ioana Udroiu in the Telescope Thieves Remix. This track is part of the 4th instalment of the Play It Louder compilation, but while waiting for that you can enjoy this piece of bliss. Hit play below and download it for free:

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Up next is a track by Borgeous and Shaun Frank called "This Could Be Love" feat. Delaney Jane. This could be love? Yea....actually it could! The deep bass chords in the chorus part are really nice and pleasant sounding and go well with the higher pitch vocal snippets. This track is the first time the two producers come together in a collab, but if this is the benchmark for their work, let's hope for some more! The track is out now on Spinnin' Records and available via Itunes (link below):

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