Want You

Today's first two tracks are from German producer Dinnerdate's first ever EP called "Want You". Dinnerdate has been generous producing numerous delicious remixes throughout the year and this EP is wrapping things up nicely. The first track is called "Want You" and the second track is titled "Leech". If you are familiar with Dinnerdate's style "Want You" might sound familiar to you, however "Leech" is something excitingly fresh and differently deep from the producer, which is really likeable. Check out both tracks below and pick up your own copy of the "Want You" EP via Beatport:

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Up next is a Dirty South's "With You" in the Jai Wolf remix. This is a grand remix by U.S. based producer Jai Wolf and it makes a perfect fit for the awesome vocals on the track. Have you been missing some electronic sounding elements in the original mix, then fear not....here is the version you have been waiting for. Even better...this one is available as a free download via Facebook (link below):

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