Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Today's first track is called "DRMSQNCR" (Dreamsequencer) by U.S. based Stonewall Klaxon. This exciting track is from his upcoming EP going under the same name and will feature a total of four original tracks. The EP is estimated for release on March 15. Until then, you can stream it all you want here below.

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Up next is a track by Barney Artist called "Space". The track was produced by MYWLT favourite Tom Misch and he even sings on the track too. This is a delightful hip-hip chill vibe track with that classy Tom Misch feeling and flavour. The track is featured on Barney Artist's album "Bespoke" available via Itunes (see link below), but if you're quick you can pick it up "Space" as free download via Facebook (via Barney Artist's FB profile). Enjoy :-)

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