Let The Beat Speak

Another track from Tom Misch's upcoming Beat Tape 2 album has been premiered. Unlike the last track "Falafel" this new one called "Let The Beat Speak" is more downtempo and more beat driven (which explains the title). This piece is also a tribute to J Dilla, who's clearly one of Tom Misch's biggest influences. "Let The Beat Speak" is all you need to know about the track...it's just there to make you feel pleasant. The full Beat Tape 2 album will be released late April. Stay tuned :)

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Speaking of J Dilla...here is a remix of his track "Purple" by U.S. producer Zikomo. Compared to the original instrumental track, this is more upbeat, but still a cool and sweet sounding piece that respects the sound of JayDee! As an added bonus, you can download this remix for free right here below:

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