Friday, March 31, 2017

5 Day Mischon

Special agent Tom Misch has been on a secret 5 day Mischon, cooking up some amazing new tracks. All the bad puns aside, Tom Misch didn't do this in secret. If you've been following his socials you might have seen pictures of him being locked up in his studio for an entire week, producing, experimenting and challenging his creativity. Every day a new collaborator has joined him and so 5 beautiful and diverse releases have seen the light of day. Considering the time pressure, the end result is utterly impressive. It isn't the first time though Tom Misch has done something like this. Some of you might remember The Tom Misch Experiment? If not, check it out here. Later there will be a documentary for 5 Day Mischon, but until then you can check out the teaser below.

So far, my personal favourite is the track from day 2 called "Feeling" feat. Novelist. That being said, the collection of tracks is still so new to me, it will take a few days to fully digest the genius behind the individual tracks. My utmost respect for taking up the challenge and delivering something so flawless...a pure sign of talent...end of story!

Enjoy the five pieces below or check them out via your favourite streaming service. 

Get/Stream "5 Day Mischon" by clicking HERE
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