Sunday, March 5, 2017

Something Just Like This

Alex & Drew keep pushing and their latest single couldn't have been a bigger surprise. Teaming up with none other than Coldplay is something I didn't see coming, but it makes sense. Looking back, Coldplay seems to be fans of the electronic music wave, which we've seen before when they had Avicii produce parts of "A Sky Full Of Stars", the bands first dance release. 

While "Something Just Like This" is also a dance friendly track, it's better at including Coldplay's iconic sound, with that of The Chainsmokers. That in part is due to the clear cut separation of sounds, which exists between the verse and the chorus. The downside of that though is that "Something Just Like This" sounds a little bit like a remix in my opinion. On the plus side though, the separation also doesn't mess up the two bands sound designs and finds a nice middle ground, hopefully making both fan bases happy.

The single will be part of the duo's debut album "Memories...Do Not Open", which is estimated to be released on April 7th.

You have probably heard it already, but in case you live under a it is:

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When a new track of this calibre gets released the inevitable happens and other producers start remixing or covering the track. One who pulled it off though, is German producer Koni. Not only did he make his own instrumental from scratch, but he also teamed up with vocalist Marina Lin, which gives this remix a much lighter vibe. This makes this particular cover/remix ideal as an early summer house track and one you should save for the beach season. Fortunately you can do just that, as Koni's cover/remix is available as a free download (see link below):

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