Monday, August 14, 2017


Calling it one of the favourite songs he has ever made, Louis Futon returns with a new single called "Rewind" feat. Ashe and Armani White. While going through some personal turmoil, he has found the time to come up with sweet sounding pop/hip hop/indie jam, filled to the brim with feel good vibes. Compared to some of his earlier work, this track definitely has more of a commercial appeal, but that isn't meant as a negative remark, but more as a sign that Louis Futon might have hit a chord that could launch the stage 2 rocket of his musical career. As a producer Louis Futon has proven to be an extremely talented artist, always coming up with something fresh and now that he has moved out to the entertainment capital L.A., I wouldn't be surprised if we will see many more interesting releases or collabs in the very near future. 

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