Thursday, August 31, 2017

XL & Master Control (Pat Lok Remix)

Although having released an entire album this year already, Pat Lok is not one to rest on his laurels. Now he is back with two new remixes! The first one is a remix for Bro Safari, Dillion Francis & Salvatore Ganacci's track "XL", which has received a complete 180 flip. Gone is the loud festival moombahton vibe, exchanged for Pat Lok's characteristic feel-good nu-disco'esque style sound. If you know the original version of "XL", then you're in for a surprise for sure! 

The other remix Pat Lok has been crafting, is for Jnthn Stein's "Master Control" feat. BXRBER. Again, the feel good vibes are unstoppable. I love the retro disco vibe on this remix and the creative work on the vocal. To my ears it almost sounds like the vocal was covered by someone else, but more likely it's just Pat Lok working some ultra clever pitch work, totally transforming BXRBER's vocal. BXRBER commented on Pat Lok's remix "Why You So Dope"?...I'm also asking myself that question! Pat're a genius...end of story! 

Stream "XL" (Pat Lok Remix) via SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC
Stream "Master Control" (Pat Lok Remix) via SPOTIFY / APPLE MUSIC

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