Premiere: Redbone (Auxil Revision)

As a producer, should you mess with Childish Gambino's "Redbone"?'s a tough decision, but when you can deliver something as awesome as this, then yes! Little is known about Auxil, but their revision of "Redbone" and their recent remix for Little Dragon's "Ritual Union" tell us that they are here to deliver some fine tunes and they know what they are doing. 

The remix of Childish Gambino's hit is a mix of deep house and funk, with bass'ey goodness that will make your bones rattle. Think Disclosure meets Pat Lok meets Kaytranada, or something along those lines...You won't be able to find this tune in many places, but it's here and you are here, so go hit that play button below and get your dance moves on. 

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