Speed of Light Pt. 2

Do you want to be surprised? Well...then this is for you! You know Pegboard Nerds as a bass power house and deliverymen of some of the raunchiest electro releases, however with "Speed Of Light Pt. 2" feat. Taylor Bennett & Skylr they enter new territory, dropping a hip hop/rnb/pop spin of their original "Speed of Light". It's a bold move from the duo, but I think they've gotten away with it brilliantly and I highly appreciate the change of vibe. Hardcore fans are in for a proper wake-up call, but hopefully they'll be convinced once they dive in. With a serious flow on the rhymes and top notch production quality, it won't be long until you know the lyrics to this one. Give "Speed of Light Pt. 2" a spin below or check the link below for Spotify. 

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