Nashville might be known to many for its huge country music identity, but it's also home to this guy going by the name of Super Duper. Just hitting the interwebs with a brand new 5 track EP, the U.S. producer delivers unique and fresh sounding electronica that just waits to be explored by you. One of the tracks I would like to point out in particular. This one is called "Flower" and is a fun-loving hybrid of indie/electronica and dance. Whether it being the quirky sound design or the interesting ad-libs that turns you on...that is for you to figure out. Personally I just like that it dares to be different, while still being catchy as hell. 

The full VHS EP is out now (incl. Flower) so check the link below for all your streaming pleasures. 

Stream the full EP via SPOTIFY

Follow Super Duper on social media: FACEBOOK // TWITTER // INSTAGRAM


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