Premiere: Lexicon - Rock To The Rhythm

Yes...I know it's #NewMusicFriday and all but I got something even better for you...something amazing, yet also something sad at the same time. 

In 2003 an album called "Youth Is Yours" by Lexicon hit the streets and it quickly caught a whirlwind when the single "Rock To The Rhythm" got featured as the theme song in Harold & Kumar's "Go To White Castle" and being on an endless loop on the radio. However, with the 15 year anniversary of the album, the two brothers Big Oak and Nick Fury have decided to hang up the mic and celebrate it with a special remaster of the original 13-track LP. Together with the re-release, the duo are launching a website (, where they will talk about what influenced them as musicians and drove Lexicon to what it came to be. 

Although being done with Lexicon, the two continue to thrive in the music industry, producing creative content across the board via their company EXGF...moving onwards and upwards. 

So make sure to re-live your youth with this absolute classic of a hiphop track and get a proper start to the weekend!

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