Friday, May 3, 2013

Nightdrive in Moscow

Today's first track is probably the smoothest track featured on this blog in quite a while. Enjoy 5 Reasons feat. Patrick Baker with the track "Nightdrive in Moscow" in the Satins Jacket Reproduction. Download it for free!

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Next up is a great disco-ish mashup called "Just Be A Good Gypsy Woman" combining Crystal Waters' track "Gypsy Woman" and Beats International's track "Dub Be Good To Me", into pure awesomeness! The mashup was created by PeteMash and Fitz Lauder! Download it for free!

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Finally, the latest release by Isaac Tichauer. This guy never disappoints and keeps throwing out great tracks and this one is no exception. The track is called "Take Over You" and you can (no, you must!!) download it for free!

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