Thursday, May 23, 2013

Your House

Today's first track is an edit of Focus' track "Having Your Fun" by Fingermanedit! Download it for free and play it out loud!

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Next up is a track by Danish DJ and producer Rosa Lux called "Monsters" in the Djuma Soundsystem remix. Enjoy this solid deep house track, which you can download for free!

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Finally, here is a really exiting track by German producer Christian Strobe, who is releasing his new EP called "Your House". Give this guy a like on Facebook and download his absolutely excellent track also called "Your House" (Radio Edition) for free.

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Finally, Finally, here is a fun music video by The Gregory Brothers (those who autotuned the news and Antoine Dodson) feat. DeStorm, Psy (the guy from Gangnam Style). The video makes fun of all those songs, where you here lines like "DJ play my song" or "Turn it up". DJ's and other music fanatics should find this quite hilarious :) Check it out below!

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