Friday, March 6, 2015

Can't Stop Moving

Today's first track is called "Can't Stop Moving" by U.S. based Ghost Hours. This track is part of a 2 track EP called "February", which is available for free (or name your own price). The A-side track, which you can find below, is a mellow electronica track with a pleasant vocal and an almost hypnotic melody, thanks the arpeggio style synths that are present almost throughout the entire track.

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Up next is a future house track by Dutch producer Thomas La Salle called "Anymore". This track really packs a punch, with it's highly energetic drop. The heavy chords are clearly dominating "Anymore", but after the first drop the track does give the listener a pleasant melodic detour, which is absolutely worth it. From there the track builds up and is ready to omph! Hit play and don't forget to pick up a free download right here below. Enjoy :)

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