Monday, March 16, 2015

Love Is All We Need

It's time to catch up on our friend Ken Loi, who earlier this month released a brand new track called "Love Is All We Need" featuring Anna Yvette. This is a big melodic progressive house tune with all the bells and whistles. The strong vocal gives the instrumental a great counterbalance and together they work like magic. "Love Is All We Need" also marks Ken Loi's first release on Armada Music, whereas he has previously released his music on his own label Starbright. You can pick up the track via Itunes (link below). Enjoy :)

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Up next is a track well known track by David Guetta called "What I Did For Love", but surely you haven't heard it like this. This is a remix by Ashton Love & Vhana, who have given the track some serious omph and combined it with the cover from Stephen Cornwell (originally Emeli Sande). The result is really awesome and what's even better, you can download this one for free via the link below:

Download HERE

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