Tuesday, June 23, 2015


A few weeks ago the new Late Night Alumni album called "Eclipse" was released, featuring the tracks "Runaway" and "The This This", which were both previewed here on the blog. The sound on the album is very characteristic to LNA and that is primarily because of Becky's very distinct voice. One of my favourite tracks from the album, which wasn't released as a single, is "Constellations" and it's one of the more upbeat tracks on the album. The bassline and the filtering on Becky's voice work really well together. The beat is also integrated in a way so it still adds a certain level of omph, but doesn't take away the attention from the lush synths and vocal. You can pick up the entire album on Itunes or stream it via Spotify (see links below). Enjoy :)

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Up next is a remix by Ukrainian DJ Yaaman. This time he has transformed the track "Running" by Donovans feat. Michael Tee. There's a lot going on in this remix. The vibe is deep and mysterious, yet also quite energetic and upbeat. One synth line in particular reminds me of a rough electric guitar, which gives the track certain rock like notes. Check it out for yourself and make sure to pick up a free download via the link below:

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