Friday, June 19, 2015


It's been quite a journey for The Chainsmokers so far and with their latest single release they show that they've grown and developed significantly as producers as well. "Roses" is the name of the new track, which conveniently features Philadelphia based vocalist Rozes and also Drew singing backup vocals for the very first time on a track as well. This track is miles away from tracks like "Talk Is Cheap" and some of their other early work, but they still stay true to their indie vibe and it pays off. You can pick up "Roses" on Itunes via the link below:

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Up next is a track by Genius of Time called "Same Old Place" in the Shirts & Skins remix. You may not have heard of the dup Shirts & Skins before, but have you heard of Pierce Fulton and Ansolo? Well then...there you go! This is the first release from the new established duo and it's a very promising start. The sound is classy and clubby and ticks all the boxes on my list of awesomeness! The remix is also available as a free download, so be a first mover and pick up a copy right here below:

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