Patrick Dorgan's amazing track "Marilyn" has been remixed by a fellow Dane Notize. The result is house music bliss, with hints of funk (that bassline is nuts) and a vocal that's been pitched to the deep side. The vibe is classy and it will get you to nod along and move your feet with ease. If you're in Copenhagen, you can see Notize perform during the Distortion Festival tomorrow (click here). You can stream the remix below and pick up a free download right here via MYWLT. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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U.S. based SNBRN has also been crafting a new remix. This time it's ASTR's "Activate Me". Compared to some of his other work, this remix is slightly different by being deeper and having elements of future house. It's a track that has some great energy, but SNBRN has managed to maintain elements of the original indie vibe at the same time, which is great. You can pick up a free download below:

Download HERE
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