A Game I Just Can't Win

An exciting new tune coming from my hometown Copenhagen. Producer Amigo 1000 has released his single "A Game I Just Can't Win" feat. Jutty Ranx and all you need to know is that this stuff rocks. Who is Amigo 1000? It's not obvious, but this guy is in fact a host on Danish National Radio P6 Beat going by the real name Thomas Volmer Schulz. That name should be much more familiar to some of you, having worked with names such as Aura, Craig David and Damon C. Scott to name just a few. The launch of this solo project marks a new direction, but a promising one and hopefully we'll get to hear more from Amigo 1000 in the new year. For now...press play below and enjoy "A Game I Just Can't Win" in all it's glory. 

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