Every year it has been a tradition to sum of the year, picking the best of the best on this last day before NYE. However, I have come to realise that making a list...picking the just sucks. You are not supposed to compare artists, their music or anything else. We're all unique and we should celebrate that rather than making music a popularity contest. With that in mind I have decided to just end 2017 with a regular post, however choosing a track I think suits the occasion. So there are no spoilers to be had here, just the awesome cover/remake of Justin Timberlake's "Signs" by the talented producers Throttle & Niko The Kid. Their disco loaded version is available as a free download so you can add this straight to your NYE playlist as a late addition. 

All that is left for me to say is: thank you for 2017. Thanks for checking in on the blog! Stay safe, don't go blowing for face off with fireworks and see you next year!  

Download HERE

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