Aldrig Mer

Gothenburg based producer Kasbo is out with new single called "Aldrig Mer" feat. Tender. If you can't make out the meaning of the title, it's because you probably don't speak Swedish :) Translated the track should have been called "Never Again" or "No More". There's something amazingly refreshing about Kasbo's style, which is something he has been crafting on for quite some time now. For "Alrig Mer", the vibe can be described as organic electronica, with a light indie flavour. Now though, all the hard work comes to fruition for the young Swede, not just because of his sound development, but also because of the announcement of his debut album "Places We Don't Know", set for release on March 23rd. He will also head out on his first North America should you find yourself in one of the cities below, you know what to do :)

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