Premiere: Classy Williams - Introducing...

This is not going to be your usual electronic dance music blog post, instead let's have a listen to something a bit different: 

Classy Williams returns with a 'classy' (pun intended) guitar-driven pop-jam called "Introducing...". The track tells the story of a lost love, whom he regrettably let go. Aside from the lyrics story-telling, the instrumental delivers smooth easy listening vibes, with a distinct chill-out house flavour, reminiscent of some very early Kaskade work. The melody is somewhat bitter sweet sounding, which perfectly matches the theme of the song. All in all a well-rounded track, perfect to listen to on your nice headphones or stereo 

 "Introducing..." is part of Classy Williams' upcoming EP, so stay tuned for his full release soon. 

Download HERE

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