Save Us

I'm a huge fan of German producer Koni and if you have been reading the blog for a while now, this should be blatantly obvious. He releases his music with an incredible level of consistency, focusing of smooth, catchy melodies and proper feel good vibes. This can also be said about his latest release called "Save Us" feat. James Delayne & Gabriella, which is a beautiful pop/tropical house duet. For Koni, "Save Us" tells a personal story about a broken relationship, but despite the sad storyline, there's something incredibly calming about the entire track. As the icing on the cake, there's even an acoustic version available on Spotify, which you can check out too (and I highly recommend that you do). 

So whether you slow dance or just enjoy this tune as is...I hope you're just as excited for Koni's 2018 as I am. 

"Save Us" is out now as a free download and via all major music streaming platforms. Hit the link below for all options. Enjoy!

Download/Stream by clicking HERE
Listen to the acoustic version HERE


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