You may know her from her feature on Ken Loi's "Hollow" or her own single "Undertow", but now Nashville based artist Liv Miraldi is back, releasing a sweet cover of the legendary tune "Dilemma". Competing with Nelly and Kelly Rowland is close to absurd, but Liv manages to one-up the summer vibes with her crystal clear vocal and a fresh to death instrumental, produced by Breakfast. So even with the heavy legacy in the back of your head, she absolutely kills it on this one!

So if you're heading to the beach or cruising with the top down in your convertible sports-car, make sure to blast out these feel good vibes at full volume and enjoy the sun...heck...even if it rains where you are...this will bring the sunshine to you! Press play or if you are more into visual music, check  out the video below: 

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