Ufff...It's still early in the week, but the light at the end of the tunnel is shimming through ever so slightly and with some feel good tunes, the long route towards the weekend is definitely going to feel shorter. Fortunately I got the tune to fit the bill and it comes from Mr Good Vibes himself - Pat Lok - 

His latest track is called "WYG (4ME)", or spelled out "What You Got (For Me)" and it's a crisp hybrid between uk garage/house and flaming hot disco funk. The groove on this baby is contagious beyond your wildest dreams and combined with a vocal line as smooth as liquid butter from Jones, the entire package will enable, YOU, the listener, to smile, dance and head bob...in da club, in da supermarket or at da busstop...it doesn't matter! Just press play! 

Get/stream by clicking HERE

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