Feel This Way

It's Friday and that means Weekend! That makes me feel a certain way and so I think it's more than appropriate to hit up a brand new release from Miami based Steven A. Clark who has a special treat up his sleeve. His new tune is called "Feel This Way" and is a formidable pop/disco/indie potpourri that grooves so hard it should be illegal. You might be surprised to hear this, but this track was actually produced by Boys Noize and Ape Drums, none of whom are known to produce this type of music. Production aside...we're here to admire the vocalist and songwriter with this one, who really nails every single second on this tune, living up a bit of a retro vibe, which is more than welcome in summer 2018. "Feel This Way" is out now, but also part of Steven A. Clark's forthcoming album "Where Neon Comes To Die"...so stay tuned! 

Press play right here or check the streaming options below: 

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