4 Letters

Following up with another single off of his upcoming Exist EP to be released through Fools Gold Records later this year, Promnite bestows upon us another down-tempo, silky-smooth, seductive banger featuring a lustful vocal performance from TZAR. This song acts as an audio aphrodisiac, it is all about the most intoxicating human emotion, the 4 letters that keep us together, love. Promnite does well to capture the essence of love through his sound design and knack for choosing chords that will make you feel happily in love even if you just got dumped over text. With sliding basslines and swinging drums with an acoustic timbre, it is a perfect follow up to the first single ‘Swim’. The anticipation for the release of the full Exist EP is now more real than ever as Promnite continues to pump out pure quality.

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