Luces continues to push the envelope of house music with another four-on-the-floor, psychedelic, droning progressive banger titled ‘Fantasma’. Luces is the house-based collaboration project of producer, DJ and musician Amtrac along with drummer, songwriter and producer/remixer Plastic Plates. The two are old friends with a common interest – making great music. Supporting each other throughout the years, they have each created their own professionally eminent and distinguished lanes respectively. Fantasma is the first single off of the duos upcoming EP due to drop on September 28th, 2018. Starting off with a thumping house kick and wavy percussion, the song develops into an ambient, washed-out, cloud like orchestra of synthesizers. As the filters start to open up and the musical tension starts to grab ahold, the drums come crashing back with a fat rolling bass line and unhinged yet dazzling melodies, a perfect tune to daydream to.

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