Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Devilish Eyes

Today's first track is called "Devilish Eyes" by Chaz Langley in the Robert Lux remix. The combo of a slick jazz & house vibe with Chaz Langley's soulful vocal is a complete winner! This remix is part of a brand new EP containing 4 other track (incl the original version of "Devilish Eyes"), which can be downloaded for free on Chaz Langley's Soundcloud profile. Enjoy :)

Listen to and download the CL EP on SOUNDCLOUD or via ITUNES ($5)
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Next up is a nice house track called "Can U" by LO'99. The heavy and deep bass makes this track irresistible. It's available for free via Facebook (link below), but otherwise you can listen to "Can U" as many times as you please right here:

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