Saturday, August 9, 2014


Today's post features both disco and some serious oomph music!

Starting out with some smooth disco vibes with "Music Sounds Better" by Lennart Richter. This track is a feel good tune and it's hard not to nod your head to this one. If Stardust's track was made in the 70's maybe it would have sounded like this?! Some people say: "Don't ever mess with a classic", but sometimes...if it's as good as's just plain awesome! Download it for free via Facebook (link below).

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As promised it's time for a piece of omph music! U.S. based DJ Ants made this track called "Poison" (Ant's Loco Bootleg) and it's a great mix of progressive house, electro house, melbourne bounce and new jack swing. Give it a listen and download it for free right here below:

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