Today's first track is called "Roka" by Kinky Movement. Yet again the U.K. based trio have created a house track with many classic references. A characteristic bass sound dominates this track, but along with some sax and flute sounds it's a winning combo. Hit play and grab a free download below:

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Next up is a track called "Downloaded" by Bart & Baker feat. Lolly Wish in the Dimitri from Paris Dub Remix. That should be enough know it's going to be good. Go hit play to find out straight away!!! Download this track for free below:

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  1. Both tracks are really awesome; Roka really caught our ear though! What we really loved about Roka was the "hop" kind of sound it has with the sharp synths that play in through out the track. The ride also keeps the song grooving in the high end. Overall, the track has tons of "squirts" and other sharp sounds that keep our ears interested.


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