Monday, August 4, 2014

Keep This Love Alive

It's the final day of Summer Mode and it's time to celebrate with three amazing tracks!

The first one is called "3 Days" by Rhye in the Nick Monaco Retouch and it's a perfect track to end summer mode. It's happy, it's atmospheric, the vocals are bliss and it's a free download. Hit play below and download it via Facebook:

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Next up is a track by Coracle called "Everything To Live For" feat. Rachel Cook. The soft easy listening vibe is another perfect track to wrap up summer mode. The rhythm is catchy and the soft bass sounds are really excellent. Check it out and if you like it there's a free download via the link below:

Download "Everything To Live For" HERE
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Finally, it's time for a funky guitar heavy track called "Keep This Love Alive" by Alec Bronski feat. Donna Hidalgo. The vocal sounds Rod Stewart'esque, which is cool, but then again...what does that say about Rod Stewart?! Get your funky vibe on with this catchy track out on Goldton Records!

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