Tuesday, September 23, 2014

All Of Me

Today's first track is called "All Of Me" by U.S. based producer Stonewall Klaxon. The track has a dope trap vibe to it, combined with samples from old cartoons, video games (Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc.) and even his own voice. This is a very dynamic track that develops throughout its entire duration, but at the same time it's catchy and very melodic. According to Stonewall Klaxon himself, this track was created during a stormy night, which is also incorporated in the track. Creativity can come from all kinds of places and this is just another great example of extraordinary self taught talent and diversity. So far a release date is still TBA, but feel free to hit that play button as many times as you like!

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Up next is a new remix by SNBRN of The Game's track "Let's Ride". This track is in a similar style to his awesome remix of 50 Cent's "21 Questions". It's hip hop meets electronic music in a way that works like gin & tonic. Check out the awesomesauce below and pick up a free download via Artist Intelligence (see link):

Download HERE
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