Gary Lazer-Eyes

Only a few days after the release of "All Of Me", U.S. producer Stonewall Klaxon is ready with another fresh release called "Gary Lazer-Eyes". The track is probably to be classified as chillstep, but it combines elements from many other electronic music genres as well. Just like "All Of Me" this track is very dynamic and alive making you spot different sounds at every playback. An official release date is TBA (just like "All Of Me"), but hit up Stonewall Klaxon on Soundcloud if you're interested in a copy anyway :)

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Up next is a beatstrumental, by the king of beatstrumental Handbook. His newest release is called "Babe We Goin' Round". It's a very atmospheric track with a very characteristic vibe that you will only find on Handbook's releases. The sampling management is again spot on and gives the listener something to be intrigued about. "Babe We Goin' Round" is available as a free download right here below:

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