Payin' Bills

Today's first track is called "Payin' Bills" by Budakid. This awesome deep house track is part of a free compilation by Nachtdieren with 8 other tracks. The track "Payin' Bills" uses smooth synths for a very atmospheric vibe. Among the vocal samples you'll hear Cassie's "Me and You" (see if you can spot it?!) :)

Please note that the SC clip is only 2:04, while the full track is available on the compilation over at Bandcamp (link below)

Check out the full Nachtdieren Compilation on BANDCAMP (free download)

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Up next is a track by Dunkan Disco called "Reason". This is a sweet and happy sounding disco track with an ambient chillout vibe that you will want on a weekend! Kick back, put your favorite headphones on and chiiiiiiiiil! Ahhhh :D Get your free download right here below:

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Last, but not least...HE IS BACK!!!! After The Fat Rat got a remix featured in an ad campaign by Coca Cola it has been quite silent with new releases by the rodent creature. This track is called "Unity" and it's in a similar style to his previous releases, but with a more modest rough bass sound and a happy melody. The track is available for free via Facebook, so hit it up via the link below:

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