Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hold On

Today's first track is the third and last track in DJ Yaaman's Soul Fitness EP and it is called "Personal Underground". The two other tracks that are part of the EP were featured throughout the last 10 days here on the blog. "Personal Underground" doesn't feel as uptempo as the two other track, but it's a nice addition and gives the complete EP a more chillout flavour. Check out "Personal Underground" and download it for free right here below:

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Up Next is a fresh release by Figgy called "You Were Mine". This track combines disco, house and chillout and it's just bliss. The track is part of a forthcoming EP called "Missing You" that will be out on Cut and Dry on a date that is TBA. Hit play below and enjoy!

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Last, but not least is a progressive house remix by Case & Point of Episode's track "Hold On" feat. Stefan Weiner. This is a big room tune with omph guarantee and it's available for free via the link below:

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