Monday, November 3, 2014

Far Away

It's a fresh new week, so it's time for some fresh new music!

The first track is for the funk fanatic! This is Cassette Club with "Far Away" and it's probably the funkiest piece you will find all week. The lyrics are crisp, the melody is 80's and catchy as f*** and you can get your own personal copy for free. Stop reading this....Hit play now!!!!

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Up next is a release that is just as fresh as the one above! Tom Misch; the uncrowned English champ of chillout tunes has teamed up with Carmody yet again and they are now previewing an upcoming EP called "Out To Sea". The EP will feature a total of 5 tracks and is set to release December 8. Until then, enjoy the track "So Close" right here below and pre-order the EP on Itunes (link below):

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