Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Write It In The Sky

Today's first track is a beatstrumental chillout track called "Crystalline" by DrewsThatDude. This track has a great dynamic progression and it's funky/soulful elements is just the icing on the cake. DrewsThatDude is giving this excellent production away for free on his website. Find the link below:

Download HERE

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Up next is a track by Kina Grannis called "Write It In The Sky" in the Ken Loi Remix. This remix came together with the help of fans who could decide the style of the remix via WeAreTheMobileMix.com. You can visit the website to learn more about the remixing process and the collaboration between the two artists. The outcome is a progressive melodic house track with good energy in the chorus, but giving plenty of room for the beautiful vocal in the verses. Hit play and make sure to pick up a free download below:

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