Paper Planes

Today's first track is called "Paper Planes" by Tom Misch & Carmody. This is the second track from their upcoming EP titled "Out To Sea", which will be released on December 8th. The sound is unmistakable and you'll immediately get that comfortable and friendly chill out sound you might already be familiar with from the duos previous releases. If you missed the post about the first single "So Close" click HERE. You can listen to the track by hitting play and pre-order "Out To Sea" on Itunes (link below):

Pre-order "Out To Sea" EP by Tom Misch & Carmody on ITUNES

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Up next is a funky fresh track by Jackson Breit & Carneyval called "Use Me". This track is very different from Carneyval's more clubby work, which you might have stumbled upon here on the blog. (you might recall the track "The Weekend" by Jackson Breit, which was produced by Carneyval). The collab gives the listener a more band like vibe mainly due to the vocal and the excellent guitar work combined with a funky bass! Hit play and get a free download right here below:

Update: Check out the brand new music video for "Use Me":

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