Saturday, November 8, 2014

iZotope Ozone 6

For many producers Ozone has been a critical tool for mastering tracks and now iZotope has launched Ozone 6 to give you an even more powerful platform.

Standalone App

Users have the option to master their track directly from their preferred DAW (in this review Ableton Live was used), but can also use the standalone application to keep the mastering process separate from the composition software. You can choose which modules to run, like the equalizer, dynamics, exciter, imager, etc and all tools are characterised by having a simple and intuitive user interface. If your no expert in mastering, Ozone comes with presets to help the user get going. 
Each module and entire suite available inside Ableton Live

Ozone 6 comes is two version: "Ozone 6" and "Ozone 6 Advanced". If you're a professional you want to go with Ozone 6 advanced to benefit from having the extra main features such as Dynamic EQ which is a equalizer/compressor hybrid and Imager, which is a really nice way of visualising your mix in real time. 

You can read the full comparison sheet on iZotope's website - HERE

Currently "Ozone 6" is available for $199 (instead of $249) and "Ozone 6 Advanced" is available for $599 (instead of $999).

For more info visit iZotope's website by clicking HERE

Pros: Excellent tool for mastering with tons of options for the pro, but with a simple and elegant user interface, making it easy for newcomers to learn the software.
Cons: No fullscreen available (on Mac) in the standalone app (could be fixed with a software update)

If you are unfamiliar with Ozone, Point Blank Music School made a video yesterday to give an overview of the software.

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