Monday, November 23, 2015


If you've read the interview Infectious Magazine did with me a while ago, you know that I am a big fan of Kaskade. So when the grand master releases a new remix I have to share it with you :-) Kaskade has worked with music by Thomas Sagstad before (Under The Stars and Invisible At 5AM) and those two have been monumental. What's a bit odd is that I have failed to look up the original version of "Burned", so if somebody can hook me up with a link I would appreciate it. That being said this new remix, which is Kaskade's first since releasing his album "Automatic", sparkles with energy, with thundering drums, catchy melody and a great vocal. Kaskade's remix of "Burned" is out now via his own label Arkade and you can pick it up from your preferred online retailer or streaming service. Enjoy :)

Get "Burned" by Thomas Sagstad feat. Wildo (Kaskade Remix) via BEATPORT
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Up next is a remix of Kiesza's "Give It To The Moment" by Cassian. It's a beautiful and lush sounding melodic house track with a positive vibe that makes you smile or nod along to the rhythm of the beat. It's also happens to be a free download, so grab yourself a copy of this dope remix and give it a spin!

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