Lane 8 has had the opportunity to remix "Miradors" by Solomon Grey and the result is exciting. The sound is deep and hypnotic, yet he manages to combine it with a lot of emotions as well which makes the track really really cool. The arp like synth and the industrial sounding bass enhances this vibe and makes me want to listen to this on repeat. Give it a listen yourself and grab a copy via Itunes (link below). The remix package also contains remixes by The Him and HOST.

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Yesterday London based Tom Misch dropped a new single called "Twinkle Twinkle". With some awesome harp action and a Kaytranada style beat, the young producer is testing out new grounds. The upbeat and melodic vibe is not new for Tom, but if you've been following his Twitter feed, the wish to find a way to recreate a Kaytra-style beat has been on his mind for some time. The result is absolute killer and thus it is nearly impossible to sit or stand still while listening to the track. Try it yourself! I dare you :D While you're here, make sure to grab a free download as well (see link below). Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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