Friday, November 6, 2015


NYC based duo Truth & Lies just dropped a remix for Cut Snake's "Echo" and it's awesome. The verses are really calming, while the buildup gets its energy from some dope piano house style chords. With the drop, the track gets some awesome wobble style bass that really give this track a special and delightful clubby vibe. Truth & Lies are taking part in the Cut Snake remix competition over at Wavo, so if you dig this, give them a like via the link below.

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German producer Erick Decks is sharing his tribute to the latest James Bond movie with a dope remix of the theme song "Writings On The Wall" by Sam Smith. Erick's remix maintains the melodic side from the original that makes it a proper James Bond track, but adds a great new beat and effects that really makes this track cool for a club setting. Erick 00-Decks is giving this one away for free, so make sure to pick up a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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