Sunday, November 15, 2015


Yesterday you might have been wondering...wait..what? No post? What is happening? Well...sometimes it's just time for a personal day. Since MYWLT launched in 2011 there hasn't been one day without a post here. So it was kind of weird for me too, not having a post ready for you. Time to make up for are two great new tunes!

DEVolution is back with a fantastic piece called "Gio" feat. Yeah Boy. It's a smooth bass driven house track earworm. After listening to this just once it got stuck on my mind. "Gio" is part of an upcoming EP called "Same But Different" set to be released on November 27. The EP will include another track called "Rockin'" too, but until then you can stream and download "Gio" right here below. Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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With the next track comes a bit of backstory. Remember THIS post? It featured Sydnee B's track "That Way". Turns out he's not the only one who made a track very similar to this. The producer Mantra supposedly leased the track out to a few other artists who released their version of the track (incl. Sydnee B), before Kwaku had the exclusive rights and had a chance to release his version of the track. Surely this must have been quite a frustrating situation for Kwaku. That doesn't change the fact that his version of the track is really dope. You'll notice the lyrics are different and that his vocal is very unique and captivating. Check it out for yourself and pick up a copy via Itunes. Enjoy :)

Get "That Way" by Kwaku feat. Glenn Travis on ITUNES
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