Saturday, May 14, 2016


After his collab with German producer Fabich, JackLNDN returns with two amazing remixes. The first one is for Paces' track "1993 (No Chill)" feat. Jess Kent. With a light deep house vibe and a cool organ style synth sound, the vocal gets plenty of room to shine. Also the bass line in combination with the beat and percussion is sweet as apple pie. JackLNDN's remix is part of the official remix package for Paces, so you can pick it up via Itunes.

Get "1993 (No Chill)" (JackLNDN Remix) by Paces on ITUNES

If you thought that remix was good, then wait until you hear this next one. This remix was done for Embody's track "Dreamin'" and I think JackLNDN has brilliant captured the spirit of the original mix, whole adding his own sound in a really respectful way. The atmospheric vibe that makes "Dreamin'" such a great track has been kept and everything is just beautifully in sync. It's such an on point remix and I encourage you to check it out or add it to your playlists on Spotify (see link below). Enjoy :)

Stream "Dreamin'" (JackLNDN Remix) by Embody via SPOTIFY
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