Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Slow Down

After having explored Paris all day, I feel like it's time to kick back with some music. This remix fits the bill. Dutch producer WRLD has crafted this piece of awesomesauce for Lights' track "Slow Down". I love Lights and I love that playful vibe WRLD has created for this track. This makes this track all fresh again and a great re-discovery if you've been a fan of the original mix. Maybe you're listening to "Slow Down" for the first time...either way it's great. Make sure to pick up a free download too :)

Download HERE
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The next track I want to share with you before calling it a day, is this remix by Electric Mantis for Hotel Garuda's "Smoke Signals". The bass on this remix is pure filth, know in a good way! Together with the trap style beat, this is a pure audible treat. Turn on up speakers and feel the vibration or add it to your favourite Spotify playlist via the link below:

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