Thursday, May 19, 2016

Don't Leave Without Me

The Him are back with a brand spanking new release called "Don't Leave Without Me" feat. Gia Koka. With this release they are taking things a bit more downtempo, creating a mellow dance track, with some tribal/tropical influences that work really well. Gia Koka's vocal is absolute bliss and perfect for a track of this caliber. The Him have created a track that captures their signature sound, but also develops upon it. So if you're a fan you'll love it, but if you're new to The Him, it's also a great introduction. With the summer season fast approaching, this is a perfect track to dust of your sunglasses and blast this off down at the beach. 

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Apart from this excellent original, the duo also had the opportunity to remix the track "Jackpot" for Jocelyn Alice. With a catchy piano house roll, a great beat and good energy, Jocelyn's track has just been one-upped for the club. The upbeat vibe feels right at home considering the theme of "Jackpot" and Jocelyn's vocal sounds excellent in this new setting.

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To me The Him has been a great discovery and their music has constantly developed with every release. I got the chance to interview the duo and ask them a few questions about themselves, their source of inspiration, dream collaboration and their hometown Amsterdam. 

- What’s the story behind your name “The Him”?
It was really hard for us to come up with a name for our project! We tried to make a list of things that we liked the sound of and added some old song titles to this list cause we both love music from back in the day.... 'The Him' from an old New Order album was one of them and when we saw that we knew that had to be it!

- How do you get inspired to create new music?
Because we listen to a lot of music we get inspiration from other artist. Music from now transposed to The Him sound ! Also a really important thing for us is the right vocal. It’s really hard to find one because out of the 100 songs we get maybe one is the right one.

- If you could pick any artist in the world, with whom would you like to do a collaboration?
Jeroen: Jess Glynne
Steven: Ellie Goulding

- When in your hometown Amsterdam, what should no one ever miss out on?
Well we invite you “Daniel” to come and eat chicken with us ! You have a nice spot called the Bier Fabriek (beer factory). We meet here once a month with a lot of artist and drink beer and eat chicken! And in case you're not that much in to beer and chicken you should definitely jump on one of those boats that take you through the canals. The city is really beautiful from the water.

- What’s next for The Him?
We'll be playing some really big festivals here in Holland. And like always working on new music to show the world. This year we will release a lot of music so keep MYWLT ready !

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