Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wild Things

Canadian wonder duo Young Bombs are back with a refreshing remix for Alessia Cara x G-Eazy's "Wild Things" and it's excellent. The tribal style beat works really well for this track and their vocal chopping work is pretty dope too. G-Eazy's feature is like adding ketchup to fries...you can do without, but to be honest it just tastes better with ketchup. Last time I checked this remix already charted on Hype Machine, so you might have heard it already. If not...now's your chance. Enjoy :)

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Up next is track I would usually not post to the blog, if it wasn't for the fact that it's totally awesome! Pierce Fulton...coming to you live from his sick bed, having broken multiple rips and a lung, just released an alternative rock track (yes, that's right). Pierce Fulton is (as it seems) taking a break from producing big dance tracks. Instead his upcoming 5 track EP will include more from this genre, proving his musical genius and flair for producing different genres. Notice that awesome vocal? That's Pierce's own voice. All instruments, vocal and lyrics writing was done by the man himself...now that's impressive! Check it out here:

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